Most artists will tell you that they were drawing from the moment they could hold a crayon. In truth, whilst I always liked the idea of making pictures, I was never top of the class. My imagination was always miles ahead of my technical ability which held me back a bit at school. Most of my work ended up screwed up in balls and scattered around the classroom, so eventually I gave up and dropped out of my A-levels. I didn’t stop though.

With time I discovered patience and started seeking out ways to develop my skill. Over a decade later, I’ve found myself studying illustration at the University of Brighton. For the time being this site will be dedicated to what I get up to while I’m there, but I’m still finding a bit of time for personal projects and private commissions, so feel free to drop me an email if there’s a project you’d like me to get involved in.


p.s. I drew the self portrait below for a primary school project. It’s the first bit of work I remember being properly pleased with and other people seemed to like it too. With hindsight, they were probably amused by the striking resemblance to a certain European dictator. Thankfully no one told me at the time.

Rob age 10


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